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Terre Ceramic Egg Pan

Terre Ceramic Egg Pan

Product Code: 1KTAVA0030139
11.49 € 5.75 €
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Product Usage

*Do not use the ovenware on furnaces, grill or cooktop.*If you have bought a ovenware with cap, do not put your ovenware to the oven with its cap.*When the ovenware is still hot, do not contact it with cold water. *Do not heat the ovenware that you took out from the refrigerator or the freezer, until it reaches to room temperature.*Avoid placing hot ovenware on cold counter directly, in order to protect it from cracking.*Wash the all pieces with washing - up liquid and warm water and dry after first and every use. In order to remove tenacious stains, place the ovenware in warm/hot water with soap, and leave it for 10 minutes, and use non - abrasive cleaners.*Ovenware is suitable for using in the dishwasher.*In order to protect the ovenware from scratches and cracks, store it by putting saucepan separatrix etc. in between cookers.*These ceramic pieces are handmade, therefore, the two pieces are not alike. Natural differences between the pieces make each part unique

Technical Specifications

Product Type: Ceramic
Dimensions: 23 cm
Colour: Burgundy
Feature: Place of Production: Imported

Package Content

Ovenware (1 piece)

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