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Odline Double-Size Scotch Plaid Cotton Blanket - Orange / Indigo

Odline Double-Size Scotch Plaid Cotton Blanket - Orange / Indigo

Product Code: 1KBATC0451748
33.99 €
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Technical Specifications:

Product Type: Double-Size
Fabric Type: 60% Cotton, 40% Acrylic
Colour: Orange / Indigo
Dimensions: 200x220 cm
Features: Non-Fading, Non-Shrinking
Place of Production: Turkey

Instructions for Washing:

*Wash at 30 degrees and do not iron.
*Do not use softening materials.
*Do not dry-clean.
*Can be tumble-dried at low heat.

Package Content:

Blanket: 1 Piece

Product Description:

Odline Double Checked Cotton Blanket - Orange / Indigo

The plaid, which has managed to be one of the trend patterns of every period, now adorns the soft blankets! Enjoy a warm linden or a relaxing lemon balm tea with this blanket that you can use comfortably at home or in your outdoor activities. At Madame Coco...

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