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Home Page : Kitchen : Cookware : Pots & Pans : La Magie Du Bleu Casserole - White / Blue
La Magie Du Bleu Casserole - White / Blue
La Magie Du Bleu Casserole - White / Blue
La Magie Du Bleu Casserole - White / Blue

La Magie Du Bleu Casserole - White / Blue

Product Code: 1KTNCR0041139
12.99 € 6.50 €
Discounted Product
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Product Usage

*Do not use the cookware on the stove, Greyll or cooking surface. Suitable for oven use only.
*If you have bought a cookware with lid, do not place your cookware in the oven with the lid.
*Do not immerse the cooking vessel in cold water while it is still hot.
*Do not switch the cooking pot removed from the refrigerator or freezer to room temperature until it reaches room temperature.
*The cookware is suitable for microwave use. Always use a hand Greyp or oven glove when removing the cookware from the microwave.
*Avoid the occurrence of thermal shock, such as placing hot dishes in very cold containers and placing the heated baking dish directly in the freezer.
*Cookware is suitable for usage in a dishwasher.
*Do not warm up the cookware until it reaches room temperature.
*To protect the hot cooking vessel from cracking, avoid placing it directly on the cold counter.
*In order to protect the cookware from scratches and cracks, store the cooking utensils by placing a pot separator or the like.
*For the first time and at the end of each use, thoroughly rinse the parts with dishwashing detergent and warm water and dry them.

Technical Specifications

Product Type: New Bone Import
Colour: White / Blue
Dimensions: 16x12,7x8,1 cm
Place of Production: Imported

Package Content

Casserole: 1 Piece Lid: 1 Piece

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